Branding & Marketing – The Missing Link

These days, business owners are very lucky. Social tools have given us so many more ways to reinforce our brands. That means that marketing should be much easier than it used to be, right? Well… that depends. The most successful businesses have figured out a not-so-magical yet very important formula for their branding:


Social Media Marketing + Traditional Marketing + Design = Strong Branding

Strong branding is all about unifying the relationship between your visual messaging, your written copy, and your distribution. All too often, these 3 components are handled separately but that’s an ineffective way to approach your marketing.

Every time that you touch the public, that touch should fit in with your overall branding strategy. All components need to be aligned. The medium, whether it’s the visual design, the social content, or the traditional marketing, are all part of your brand. Some businesses (inadvisably) separate the three elements with ad hoc campaigns. When your components aren’t aligned with your overall business strategy, your brand becomes fuzzy, you don’t build the right kind of clear relationship with your audience, and customers look elsewhere.

Design, social media marketing, and traditional marketing need to be viewed as three sides of the same branding coin. Your design, social media content, print and other traditional marketing efforts shouldn’t just reinforce one another; they should all be part of the same effort. And you do need all three components, because each method touches your audience in a different way.

Remember the expression, “The medium is the message”? Yeah, that. This idea can all be traced back to Marshall McLuhan’s ideas in his 1964 book: Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man. McLuhan coined the phrase “The medium is the message” meaning that the form of a medium embeds itself in the message. This creates a symbiotic relationship by which the medium influences how the message is perceived. And each medium affects your audience differently.


We’ve all come to understand that branding is so much more than just a logo. It’s association. It’s the way that imagery and language makes you feel. It’s about the company, your overall business culture, and, most importantly, the customer experience. It’s about building recognition and trust.

Are your marketing pieces aligned? What is your marketing saying to your audience about your brand? For help aligning and executing your branding, contact us. We’d be happy to chat about your goals and to see how we might help with your design, social media, and overall messaging.

About the Author

Reesa is an art school taught / self taught / eyeballs taught designer based in Toronto, Canada, and is the Owner and Principal of Ballyhoo Design. If you like this post, then you may also enjoy more marketing tips and trends via the Ballyhoo newsletter.

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