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What to do if your website has been hacked

I’ve Been Hacked! Now what? The first thing that most blogs and articles say in response to a search about getting hacked is 'DON'T PANIC' – this is truthful but very unhelpful advice. Finding that your website has been hacked is stressful. There are no ‘if’s or ‘but’s about it. Hacking doesn’t discriminate! It can (and does) happen to anybody. We’ve been there ourselves, and we’ve helped several clients deal...

Not just a shot in the dark: Talking Shop with Our Very Own SEO-Expert

Ask an Expert Series Part 3: Ask an SEO Specialist Unless you live under a rock, you’ve certainly heard a lot of buzzing around about this particular buzz word. I guess it’s actually buzz-acronym, in the case of “SEO.” I’ve been looking forward to posting this interview with our very own, Ballyhoo Design in-house SEO Specialist, Joel Blain, for a long time now. Not only is Joel an SEO guru,...

Ask An Expert Series Part 2: Ask a Web Developer

One strange misconception I often run up against is the idea that my work as a designer comes from this ethereal world of creativity and magic… as though problem solving, business acumen, and skill have nothing to do with it. Similarly, Web Developers – at least the ones I work with – need to tap into larger goals and strategy. I recently sat down with the very clever and thoughtful...

Ask An Expert Series Part 1: Ask a Copywriter

I recently sat down with Copywriter extraordinaire, Rachel Foster. “Extraordinaire,” you may ask? With 14.6K Twitter followers, I think she’s earned a few such sassy adjectives! Rachel knows her business and people want to hear what she has to say. She’s become a trusted expert on B2B content marketing and lead generation and it was a pleasure to catch up with her. Her work at Fresh Perspective has established Rachel...