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Not just a shot in the dark: Talking Shop with Our Very Own SEO-Expert

Ask an Expert Series Part 3: Ask an SEO Specialist Unless you live under a rock, you’ve certainly heard a lot of buzzing around about this particular buzz word. I guess it’s actually buzz-acronym, in the case of “SEO.” I’ve been looking forward to posting this interview with our very own, Ballyhoo Design in-house SEO Specialist, Joel Blain, for a long time now. Not only is Joel an SEO guru,...

Ask An Expert Series Part 2: Ask a Web Developer

One strange misconception I often run up against is the idea that my work as a designer comes from this ethereal world of creativity and magic… as though problem solving, business acumen, and skill have nothing to do with it. Similarly, Web Developers – at least the ones I work with – need to tap into larger goals and strategy. I recently sat down with the very clever and thoughtful...

Ask An Expert Series Part 1: Ask a Copywriter

I recently sat down with Copywriter extraordinaire, Rachel Foster. “Extraordinaire,” you may ask? With 14.6K Twitter followers, I think she’s earned a few such sassy adjectives! Rachel knows her business and people want to hear what she has to say. She’s become a trusted expert on B2B content marketing and lead generation and it was a pleasure to catch up with her. Her work at Fresh Perspective has established Rachel...