It’s an amazing story, really. A business that started out as a cozy start up in 2011 quickly grew into a Canadian success story by the fall of 2012. In approximately one and a half years’ time, through the implementation of an expert branding campaign and strategic marketing, Health Nut Raw Foods grew from a simple table at the St. Catharines farmers into a recognizable niche brand with widespread recognition and attention.

We at Ballyhoo had the privilege of partnering with Health Nut and it was pretty nifty to watch the business grow and flourish. The brand really took off, becoming sustainable and popular enough that the entire business was sold for a profit just a year and a half later!

So how did they manage it? I guess you could say that they got it right the first time:

  • In-depth research of market trends and product interest and relevance
  • Conscientious research and polling to find an appropriate brand name
  • Careful market research of competitors and consumer profiles
  • Hiring a professional graphic designer who specializes in full brand creation
  • Working closely with the graphic designer to create well thought out branding that conveys the company message
  • The creation of an engaging website
  • Ensuring brand consistency through all markets

The business owner did all of her homework first and invested in the right professional help straight from beginning in order to achieve overall success. Rather than latching on to the first idea that came to mind and diving in feet first, this owner went head (or brain) first to really examine these questions:

  1. Does the business make sense in the current market?
  2. What is market landscape?
  3. Who is the target client?
  4. What overall message (message = overall branding) will reach, engage and sell to that target client?
  5. What does it make sense for me, the business owner, to be doing myself vs. outsourcing to experts?

It’s important to do your homework and get all of your little ducks in a row before you can actually know what the “right” decisions are going to be. Health Nut took the time and made the investment in a proper “discovery” stage of the business. The owner took care to really research the right name and feeling for the business based on the researched client base. It took digging in to the niche market, examining competitors, investigating customers, polling potential customers and liaising with professionals and experts. All of that ground work helped the message and the goals for the overall brand to crystalize.

Health Nut recognized that to be successful, the business couldn’t just be DIY project. It’s very easy for a small business “cheap out” in the name of playing it safe with a $5 logo and a homemade website, but that doesn’t set you up for success. It may be good enough for a table at the farmer’s market, but from day one Health Nut positioned itself as a professional business that was poised to grow and prosper.

The Health Nut owner used the research and discovery stage and invested in a relationship with the right professional help; us. At Ballyhoo Design, as a professional graphic design firm, branding and messaging is what we do. We are dedicated professionals who specialize in overall branding and marketing, not just a one-off logo. It was a pleasure to partner with Health Nut and to design an overall brand that could lead them to success.

By working closely with our professional design team, Heath Nut was able to create a full product line and company campaign with clear branding. We created a campaign that was appealing, memorable, and registered a cognitive impression with customers from the moment of launch.

In the case of Health Nut, the branding choices were made to evoke the emotion of nostalgia. In that particular niche (raw vegan foods), that pull of nostalgia struck the right cord, but every niche is different. When starting a new business, you should do all of your homework to establish the right feeling for your market.

Once the initial branding was established, it was still an active process. Rather than letting a one-time design remain stationary, Health Nut continued to team with us at Ballyhoo to create an ongoing and consistent branding campaign to roll in continuous motion. We were brought in to streamline and design a marketing campaign for the entire product line through all markets.

Of course you should love your business, from the idea, to the name, to visual imagery that you choose to attach to your product or service… But more importantly you have to make sure that it all makes sense for your clients, not just for you personally. And if unless your business is professional graphic design, you have to make sure that you’re using your own time and skills wisely.

Launching a successful business campaign doesn’t have to be difficult, but the word “easy” discounts the amount of care that goes on behind the scenes. Health Nut is the perfect example of how to get it right by leveraging the help of professional experts to create a strong brand and how to prosper in the process.

About the Author

Reesa is an art school taught / self taught / eyeballs taught designer based in Toronto, Canada, and is the Owner and Principal of Ballyhoo Design. If you like this post, then you may also enjoy more marketing tips and trends via the Ballyhoo newsletter.

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