Since the dawn of SEO there have been those black hat scammers who have made it their business to take advantage of people who are uninformed about search engine optimization.

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We are now a good 15 years or more into the industry of search engine optimization and these days, more businesses that have websites have become savvy in the matters of the internet. Yet there are still those businesses and entrepreneurs that are fooled by the false promises that these scams advertise when they hear the promise of “appearing on the top of the search results page”.

The most common phishing method comes in the form of a call or email that outlines your website’s current “issues”. What’s more, it’s not unusual for the scammers to claim they are actually representatives of Google! These SEO scams usually include, but are not limited to, the following claims and scare tactics:

  • “You need to register in order to appear in the search results” and that “there is a small fee and a time limit.”
    This may look as though it’s being sent from google, but it is not.
  • “Your site may get banned from google because they have detected malware on your website and you need to pay us to remove the malware.”
    This is also known as “scareware”, which is a tactic used on your average
    computer users as well.
  • “Your website will not be found on mobile unless you hire us.”
    This actually has nothing to do with SEO, and more to do with hiring a good marketing company who specializes in responsive design. Stay tuned for a future blog post discussing marketing for mobile and responsive design.
  • Claims that the sender is “affiliated with Google” and “will help you achieve high rankings in the search results for a low cost and in a short period of time.”
    Don’t trust these claims.

These are just a few of the tactics used by fake SEO companies to scare you into doing business with them, and generally these companies are just looking to make a quick buck. Companies will also claim that they use secret tricks to get your website high rankings. There are no secret SEO tricks.

Here at Ballyhoo we pride ourselves on maintaining transparency with our clients. We are the first to let you know that there are no secret quick tricks to achieving high SEO rankings. SEO is a gradual, long term working process that requires time, maintenance, and a constant upgrading of knowledge. Google is constantly changing its algorithm which means methods that once worked, even quite recently, are not necessarily still effective. Achieving real SEO results is all about time, diligence, and patience. We ask our clients to be patient and stick with us for a longer haul in order to see real results. Our current SEO strategies involve long term content marketing, comprehensive link building campaigns, citation acquisition for local search, guest blog postings, on-page optimization, schema markup . There is no smoke and mirrors. There is real work, and that work achieves real SEO results.

For information on schema, read this:


The aggressive black hat tactics that these quick-buck SEO companies employ can actually be detrimental to a business. The top search engines continue to take steps to steer away from the black hat tactics. By placing a focus on good content that is relevant to the user, and by only employing good white hat SEO practices, our clients are ensured that they will not receive backlash from Google. It’s important to us that our clients recognize the difference between an actual human user’s expert analysis of a website vs. a robot generating an automatic summary of your website.

Ultimately–though it does take more time–by working with a company like Ballyhoo that helps to populate your website with a variety of content, articles, and properly tagged media that is all informative and relevant to your business, our clients’ websites retain and grow their rankings. Make sure that you’re recognizing the value of real humans working and partnering with you to help you achieve your business goals. If you have questions about SEO and your business, feel free to send us an email and we promise to reply as real people, not robots.


About the Author

Reesa is an art school taught / self taught / eyeballs taught designer based in Toronto, Canada, and is the Owner and Principal of Ballyhoo Design. If you like this post, then you may also enjoy more marketing tips and trends via the Ballyhoo newsletter.

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