Welcome to Rebranding Week!

Okay, so right off the top I’m going to let you in on a secret:

It was long past high time for me to rebrand and I knew it. My business had evolved, my focus had shifted, and so had my market. After 5 years (now 6 years! wow!), things looked very different than they had when Ballyhoo started. And good thing, too! Every passing year has seen the growth of Ballyhoo from a one-woman operation doing logos and business cards for (mainly) artists and small cultural organizations, to a pool of top-to-tail, full-service marketing talent for much larger B2B and B2C clients across Canada. Beyond just design services, Ballyhoo began offering Web Dev, Social Media Marketing and Strategy, full Marketing campaigns, and SEO – not to mention the printing, photography, and copywriting I frequently oversee for our projects.

I knew it was time to do something about my business’ public image. I was embarrassed to send folks to my website, apologizing that it was out of date. I even cringed at my business name… that was especially scary. Talk about an identity crisis! I felt stuck. Oh, and did I mention how daunting it is to brand yourself if your job is to brand other businesses? Super daunting.

How Ballyhoo Society Design became Ballyhoo Graphic Design.

First things first, I did some research. What I found out… well, I’ll be honest: I was surprised.

Meet me back here tomorrow. We’ll get down into the nitty gritty of how the research works, actionable rebranding tasks, and how I settled on the new Ballyhoo brand. I’ve actually talked myself into showing you my own failed logo concepts. Hoo boy, the dirty laundry’s a-comin’ out!


About the Author

Reesa is an art school taught / self taught / eyeballs taught designer based in Toronto, Canada, and is the Owner and Principal of Ballyhoo Design. If you like this post, then you may also enjoy more marketing tips and trends via the Ballyhoo newsletter.

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